Phase 1


Our first 4-plex to serve as transitional housing for homeless families with children opened January 2015.

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Phase 2

Estimated Completion March 2017

Phase 2 of our project will provide new facilities for our food pantry, counseling and worship services.

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Phase 3

Coming in 2017

Phase 3 consists of building four more 4-plexes on the Mission Norman grounds to house another sixteen families in need.

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Mission Norman will soon offer additional transitional housing for homeless families. This will be a great service to Norman, especially considering the high homeless rate in Norman: over 2,000 people and over 50 families. Many children do not have reliable living facilities, which negatively affects them mentally, emotionally, socially, and their education. These living facilities will help take a chunk out of the homeless in Norman.

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Mission Norman has been rapidly expanding. In just three years, the Mission has increased its food assistance by 5 times, increased it auto assistance over 7 times, doubled its rent assistance, and quadrupled its utility assistance. With this massive growth, Mission Norman is in need of a larger and more efficient building.


To meet this need, Mission Norman has designed a building plan with a new Mission Center and Transitional Housing Facilities. The new Mission Center will be 18,400 sq-feet, and be equipped with a larger food pantry, worship center, class rooms, offices, and possible dental and medical facilities. 

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