Hello Friends,

My name is Linda Barnes. My husband Gene and I started the work of Mission Norman over 16 years ago. God has taken Mission Norman to heights we never thought of. We can tell you stories, challenges, and blessings The Mission has been through these few years.

One story I would like to share with you is about Thanksgiving eight years ago.

We made several baskets to give families for their Thanksgiving Dinner. Many came and got their baskets-grateful for what we had given them. However, one little Mother came and hugged me and thanked me over and over, saying to me if you hadn't helped me today I would have had to give my family bologna sandwiches for their Thanksgiving Dinner.

I love bologna sandwiches, but my family gets the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and that is the reason for my appeal to you. Don't you want everyone to have a nice meal for Thanksgiving? At the Mission we are giving food to approximate 1000 families each month. We anticipate we will do 400 plus baskets this year. We need your help!! Ifyou can donate money to the Mission to help buy the food, we ~an do 400 plus baskets. And like me when you sit down with your family for Thanksgiving dinner, you will enjoy your meal more knowing you have helped a family have a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Below are some suggestions how you may be led to give.

One family: $30.00

Five families: $150.00

Ten families: $300.00

__ families: $ __ _

All donations are tax deductible.

Our Web, www.missionnorman.org, site has a donate button, click on it and you will see several ways that you can give.

You can also give by regular mail, Mission Norman, 2525 E. Lindsey St., Norman, Okla., 73071

You and your family pray and ask God to lead you to see what God would have you to give and you will be blessed for your gift.

Your friends in Christ,

Gene and Linda Barnes

If we receive more funds than is needed for the Thanksgiving baskets the excess

will be applied to our ongoing food ministry.


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